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Magnetic Vision is a catalyst for meaningful journeys and life-changing experiences. We are a creative duo who have been traveling and shooting all kinds of unique experiences. We see our work as inspiring and honest stories that empower people, and hopefully teach them something new. That's why we are focussed on working with organisations that add value to the community, to nurture people’s lives, and recover that feeling of adventure that’s been lost.

Adventure is the medium where people reveal themselves and their rawest emotions come to the surface. This is what thrives us to connect. The path where mind, body and soul merge through nature. That’s the path we follow.
We’re a boutique agency, which means what you see is what you get, a small group of passionate and dedicated professionals, but don’t be fooled by this approach. We take crazy ideas of every size and bring them to life. 
No matter if it’s a 6 second bumper for social media or a full-length documentary; we take pride in delivering creative content that speaks directly to your target audience. Our work must strengthen and nurture connections to the natural world. Period. That's the rule we placed on ourselves when we started our business. It requires trusting an idea rather than reacting out of fear. It keeps us focused on work we are passionate about, rather than seeking easy, wildly profitable work. We just call it magic. 
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