When the future looks cloudy and uncertain, we need light to show us our way through the present. This ambitious project aims to build a community upon creativity, life changing experiences and inspiring people.


Magnetic Vision is a visual-content platform for adventure, mental health, and life-changing experiences. We are a creative duo who have been traveling and shooting all kinds of unique experiences around the globe. We see our work as inspiring and honest stories that empower people, and maybe teach them something that they didn't know about life. That is why we are focussed on working with organisations that feel they have something to offer, to nurture people’s lives, and recover that feeling of adventure that’s been lost.

What’s the project about

Our final goal is to create a virtual-space where the community can find inspiration, support and mind blowing experiences to empower their lives. In order to achieve this goal first we need to build this community, and for those first steps we have Tommy.


International speaker and dancer Tommy Franklin is a simple man on a simple mission. To change the world one smile at a time.

Since dancing his way into the hearts of Australians as a grand finalist on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013, Tommy Franklin has traveled far and wide.

His unique ability to uplift and inspire has seen Tommy tour both in Australia and internationally as a speaker and presenter, delivering workshops to schools, community groups, music festivals and at corporate events.

As a brand ambassador and creative collaborator, Tommy has acted in and directed content in Australia, Austria, Spain and America.

Professional vibe-maker and atmosphere changer, Tommy, is on a mission to spread his inspirational message with the intention of changing the world one smile at a time.
Our first stop on this journey

With Tommy we want to start engaging with the people. We have known this beautiful person for over a year now. We became really good friends and after spending a lot of time together we realised that this amazing human being had suffered a lot along the way to get to be the person he is today. So we decided to film a documentary about his life, showing the dark times he went through to get to be the light beam he is today.
We didn't understand the end goal of the documentary, it was just something that felt right at the time. When we saw the final result we were amazed by the emotional power that this movie had and how people reacted every time they watched it.

So now we have this amazing piece of inspiring art that we want to share to the community. We were thinking of engaging with the people through a trailer and Tommy bombarding social media with his uplifting message. Launch a catalog of NFT’s of an illustrated Tommy doing cool stuff (dancing, skating, surfing, etc). These NFTs will allow you access to the premiere of Tommy’s documentary and the money will be donated for a modern mental health organisation.

The end goal of the NFT’s is to create The Lighthouse, a one of a kind place in decentraland’s virtual world. Here we will host life nurturing workshops dictated by certified instructors. The activities will range from meditation, yoga, to Wim Hof breathing, and other healing techniques. We will also have an art gallery and a cinema in which various artists will have the possibility to exhibit their pieces. With the acquisition of the NFT’s people will have privileged access to the Lighthouse special events and gain revenue as the project scales.

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